Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Its That Time Again!
Well it’s that time of the year again; time to take care of your good friend the pellet stove that gave you so much warmth, atmosphere and enjoyment over the cold winter and wet spring.
(Note side panel full of ash
this stove can't breath!!)
When I ask my customers if they have given their pellet stove a good cleanout, they always reply YES we clean it every day. Well folks at the end of the season you really need to do a little deeper cleaning than what you can see with your eyes. So I put a little list together for you:

1. Emptying ash traps and cleaning exhaust passages behind the fire chamber.
2. Cleaning and lubricating fans and motors.
3. Cleaning the hopper and fuel feed system.
4. Cleaning the heat exchanger system.
5. Cleaning exhaust pipes and resealing the venting system if needed.
6. Verifying and adjusting the stove settings with proper gauges and meters.
7. Mechanical and electric components may eventually wear out and need repair or replacement.

Since service is needed at least on an annual basis. Many stove shops and service technicians offer a service plan that specifies a service schedule, what is covered, travel costs, and other details. If you plan to do your service yourself I recommend hiring a proffesional and watching the first time.

Thanks again,
The Pellet Stove Guys

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