Monday, May 24, 2010


This last season 2009/2010 there was pellet fuel every where, Local dealers, the big box stores, supermarkets, and the local hardware store. Two years ago all of the above suppliers in your local market listed above ran out of pellets (as I predicted would happen in my Blog ) There really was plenty of pellets (despite the rumor of plants and mills burning down) the problem was with the “Supply Line”. There are four parts to the supply line; many of you are familiar with this because you have a propane tank on your property.


1. Manufacture: makes and stores fuel and stores some on site

2. Shipping: Mainly truck, some by rail

3. Retailer: stores anywhere from 22-100 pallets of pellets, t if they have the room

4. Your garage or barn. Your storage of one or two pallets 50 to 100 bags bought early in the summer saves you money takes pressure off the manufacture and better shipping rates and guarantees you that you will have plenty of fuel through the next winter (like filling the propane tank in the summer)

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Question--What is a good pellet fuel?

My personal list in order would be 1. Golden fire. 1. Lignetics 3. Blazer 4. Atlas The top Three Brands are a Douglas Fir blend Pellet . They haves the lowest ash content The word PREMIUM Is to Broad It means any pellet under 1% ash and as low as .25% (1/4) that may not sound like much but it makes a big difference in your stove. At this time I cannot recommended any pellet made from oak or agriculture waste ( corn, nut shells etc. Always try a bag or two before you by a whole pallet of a new brand of pellets that you are not familiar with.