Friday, October 05, 2007


If your wood stove was made before 1990 its time to step up to the plate and get a new EPA certified wood, gas or pellet stove. Why? You ask.

From a purely health stand point your old wood stove that you love so much is putting up to 50 per hour grams of emissions into our ( the Sacramento Valley). Your old wood stove is putting out as much smoke particles as 10 new technology stoves and up to 50 times more than a pellet stove.

Secondly our local government WILL OUT- LAW all stoves if we the “Wood Burning Citizens” of our region don’t clean up our act. That means burning CLEAN stoves with SEASOND wood or gets a clean burning pellet stove.

One option our board of supervisors has given us is we can have up to thirty no burn days a year. I don’t know about you but I don’t really like that option! This was the recommendation of our air board to bring us into EPA limits on PM2.5

You are truly being a good neighbor if you install a cleaning burning appliance. Your neighbors your children and your friends are entitled to clean air. You get a more efficient stove and clean air.

. Clean solid fuel alternatives are important. We go to war for petroleum, it is carbon negative (wood fuels are carbon neutral) and fossil fuels add to global warming and they are NON-RENEWABLE energy sources. Wood and fiber fuel is totally renewable.

Read your local news paper this is a very serious situation email or give this letter to your neighbor if he is smoking up you neighborhood. Visit your local stove dealer and see what’s new in clean burning wood and pellet appliances. Do your part and we can all enjoy low cost solid fuel fired appliances in our homes for many years to come.

Robin McDonell