Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last week, I stared doing annual summer clean outs on pellet stoves for my customers that plan ahead. So you ask why the picture of a car in several feet of snow? Well its been a long winter here in Nor Cal and I got a call asking if I could make a run up to a local Ski resort to make a repair.

After doing a 10 point service and clean out on the stove I notice one of the most common errors on Whitfield Advantage models 0- 27000. Owners take the ash drawer out to dump ashes but fail to tighten it up with a screw driver when putting it back in ( make sure your model is the screw type) most of these stoves are close to twenty years old now and need an adjustment with a hammer so that they latch up tight. Call your local Whitfield dealer if you don't fell comfortable doing this. With out a good tight seal around the ash draw you will get a dirty burn and almost no heat

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