Monday, November 22, 2010

I was making calls to some really nice folks that need a little service on their pellet stove tonight. I couldn't help some of them and I felt really sad so I wanted to share this with you.

Many folks buy a Pellet stove based on looks. That could be a mistake, MANY brands have fallen by the wayside, Winston, Crossfire and Horizon Eclipse just to name a few.
Three things to consider BEFORE buying
  1. If I was buying a new or used pellet stove SERVICEABILITY would be number ONE on my list.
  2. Does the dealer or person who sold you the stove, service the product that they sell? Note that there are dealers in my area that will only service product that they sold. Yes even though you may have bought the same product up the street.
  3. Who will service your stove if the dealer goes out of business and are parts readily available?
The easiest stove to get parts and service for is the Whitfield AdvantageII. In the Northern California area there are a number of independent service representatives and a large number of retail and wholesale suppliers of parts. How ever the Advantage isn't currently being manufactured by Lennox
Breckwell, Lopi Avalon, Quadrafire are easy stoves to service, parts are a little harder to get.
The favorite stove of the East Coast seems to be the Harmon, however it is a heavy stove to have to work on, its hard to find technicians in Nor Cal and parts have to be ordered through a dealer. Nice looking stove, burns low quality pellets, hard to work on. THE LAST WORD: SERVICEABILITY Happy Stove Hunting


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Unknown said...

This one just might be my all time favorite. It would go so well in my home. Do you know of any companies that can install pellet stoves in Eugene Oregon that are similar to this one?