Thursday, October 20, 2011


Here lately I have been getting calls from people telling me about the good deal that they got on a used pellet stove from a friend off of Craig' s list. They want me to come and check out the stove after they have laid down there hard earned cash. Here is Robins simple Rules for buying a used pellet stove:
  1. Have a professional pellet stove person look at the stove before you spend your cash.
  2. Stick with with the top brands Whitfield, Breckwell, Quadrafire, Lopi, Avalon. These products have ready available replacement parts for most of their models. Check with your Pellet stove Pro to find out which models and serial numbers qualify.Whitfield , Avantage llT serial number 17,000 and above are the best most reliable used stoves that I come across as a repair person.
  3. Refer to rule number one.
Remember its time to buy your wood pellets, the Pellet Stove Guy recommends Golden fire or Lignetics Brands. There has never been a pellet shortage for those that buy all of their pellets early and you get the best price! Warm regards, Robin McDonell The Pellet Stove Guy


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this article. I have always wanted to by a pellet stove, and these are important things to consider before I do so. Do these pellet stoves actually warm the house up, or is it more of just a pretty look? I am looking for a pellet stove from eugene oregon, so if anyone knows of any places where I could buy one, I would appreciate the help. Thank you.

furnace spares said...

Manually light a pellet furnace by taking a handful of pellets and placing them in the burn pot. Place some ignition starter gel on the pellets, and using a match or a lighter, ignite the gel which will ignite the pellets in the burn pot.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the great info pellet stoves eugene oregon. Appreciate it!

Serge said...

Before you rush off to buy a pellet stove or any other stove for that matter, you should get the right dimensions for the area where you plan to place the stove.

Unknown said...

I truly liked it. I was searching for such information. Thanks for sharing such an helpful post.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your blog! I have been looking in to getting some pellet stoves in Eugene Oregon to help heat up my house, do you think this is a good way to do so?